We are providing these free sms sending sites so you register there in few minutes and starts sending sms from 123SmSFun.com Happily. 123SmSFun.com have more than 10,000 SMS in our huge database so you have every mood and season SMS with you and for your friends,family. Enjoy with 123SmSFun.com

(1) Yahoo Messenger
You can download Yahoo messenger to it allows you to send free SMS in India, You can send SMS from your inbox too. When composing new message you choose a new mial message or Instant message or SMS to mobile.

(2) AOL Messenger
You can download AOL’s AIM messenger, it allows you to send free SMS in India. You can send SMS from your inbox too. This is such as yahoo.

(3) Rediff Bol
Rediff Bol also allows you to send free SMS.

(4) Goolge SMS Channel
Google SMS channel allows you to send free SMS, you have to create channel than you can send message to members of your channel.

(6) Ibibo
Ibibo also allows you to send free SMS of 140 Character. So if you have an account in Ibibo you can use it to send free SMS.

(6) 160by2
160by2 is known for SMS sending because it is main service of 160by2. You can send 145 character SMS.

(7) Way2sms
Way2sms is also only for SMS sending, its all other services are related to sending SMS. You can create your email ID also youname@way2sms.

(8) Youmint
Youmint is also known for sending SMS, you can 80 characters message.

(9) Sms7
SMS7 allows you to send 440 characters long SMS, as I read other bloggers reviews perhaps SMS7 is better than other services.

(10) Atrochatro
Atrochatro is also an SMS sending site.

(11) Mysmsindia
Mysmsindia is another SMS sending site.

(12) Smslife
Smslife is for sending SMS, and it publishes mobile related news also.

(13) krify
You can send 100 characters SMS without signup, after signup you can save contacts. This facility is not for CDMA mobile holders.

(14) Smswala
SMSwala provides free SMS service in India, it provides both free and paid services.

(15) Indyrocks
Indyarocks is now social networking service and SMS feature is only a feature of Indyarocks but before it was known as SMS sending site. You can send 130 characters long SMS.

There are few more sites we have found over a net!

Nowfreesms, Mycantos, Jachsms, Sendsmsnow, Gosms, Smsjunction, Smsseva, Sms.bizhat, Spicesms, Znisms, Chillcell, Smsloop, Goforsms, Mcanny, Smsatzero, Smsnow

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